May 25, 2006

What I want is what is happening now. Liking it or not has nothing to do with it. What is, is what is, and I don’t need to know the reason why it is appearing in front of me. I know it’s what is meant to be, because it is right there, being what is! What freedom comes with that understanding.

Things don’t go the way I want them to - great! Something better is supposed to happen. I may not understand it, may not think it’s better, but it will be. Because it IS. Whatever IS, is perfect. There in only a problem in what seems to be, not what really is.

The bottom line is that all of THIS is that oneness, beingness, presence-awareness, and there only seems to be “other, separate” things, but there aren’t.

Life is. How beautiful is that? What else could one possibly want?

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Ron Marson said...

Loving What Is...
When the ego is known to be false, not through intellectual argument, but by actually seeing through one's crystalized thought patterns that hold ego together, then the Truth of one's underlying essential nature is immediately obvious. One stops trying to "become," and rests at ease in one's own natural timeless "is-ness". All of life's "problems" (the discontent that calls us home in the first place), simply vanish. We find ourselves loving what is for no particular reason. This, just this, is what is given now, to enjoy or bear in this timeless moment. What Grace!