You Can't Get Rid Of Yourself

Where you are right now is where you are meant to be. Whatever is happening is perfect, here, now. This is It.

Remember that the person cannot get rid of him/herself. There is no one to disappear into the Oneness. There is no merging, person into Being. There is only Being, only This.

It may look like you, the separate individual, are doing something, with spectacular (or not) results! The disappearance of the character, oneness, liberation. But no one did anything. How can the illusion, the dream character end itself? It has no control, no volition. It can't do anything, never could, never has. It's a wonderful dream of Isness - isn't it beautiful and incomprehensible?

If you find yourself investigating, looking, being drawn to read words and expressions on this subject....then that is what is happening. "You" have nothing to do with it. It's just what is happening. If you are not investigating, looking, being drawn to words and expressions on this subject - no problem....it's what is happening. None of it makes any difference to what you are.

The actor on the movie screen, what he/she does or doesn't do makes no difference to you the spectator, does it? You know that you will leave the theater and go home eventually. During the movie you may even get caught up in it, just a little, all the while knowing that it is make-believe, knowing that the person on the screen is not really hurt or crazy or sad or happy. There is no one there, physically on the screen, and you know that. There are just some images, seemingly moving.

The only (seeming) impediment to experiencing what you truly are is this belief in a fictional character called "you" who is searching for a different experience than This, right here. And this belief in a separate you is not controlled by "you!" "You" are not believing it, the idea of separation is simply what is happening......until it's not. And if the belief is no longer here, now, it's not "you" who got rid of it! ;-) So there is no need to struggle with the seeing of This. It always IS, here, now....no matter if "you" appear or not.

One could say that the Isness is "doing" it all, and "you" are part of the play. Whether you seem to be diligently efforting to make yourself "disappear" or "dissolve" or whether you seem to have given up all hope and are just sitting like a bump on a log, the Oneness is still ALL. And you are still always THAT.

As a person or as no one. It's all still Being.


autumn leaf falling,
tender veins whispering this
"I am! I am!"

It's Not Possible To Want Something Else

In this here-now....there is completeness, wholeness, a vibrating delight. THIS wants nothing. THIS cannot want. THIS is all there is and is complete satisfaction.

There is no possibility of wanting something to be other than what is. See that this is true. The sense of dissatisfaction is an illusion, a dream, ghost-like and fragile. Do you see that there is no way that THIS (YOU, God, The Oneness, Beingness) can be other than the way it is, here and now?

Look deeply. If there is any sense that what is happening needs to be different, where is that coming from? Could it be a vibration of beingness, like a thought, for example? A simple appearance in the wholeness, like a blade of grass or a leaf on a tree? Can you see that there is no possibility of something other than THIS? No possibility of something better?
We don't want anything....it's not possible. There is only THIS and it is of a beauty and perfection beyond description. Wholeness is, and you are That.

Go beyond these words, into them, through them, what is here, always? There will be no answer to that question. At the most, an "I don't know." And That, is It. That is exactly what "we" thought we were looking for, what the "mind" cannot grasp.

There never was a search, there never was a reason to. Some appearances happened that looked like it, that's all. Nothing serious, nothing that could affect the Reality. It was all a simple misunderstanding.

And even the misunderstanding is pure Love.


Give it up

You might as well just STOP now.

Give it up, there is nowhere to go. You're surrounded, with no possible escape.

Wave the white flag - you're done, you're finished, damned if you do, damned if you don't. No more seeking necessary, no more understanding, no "getting" it.

This is It. Exhale and relax.

A thought arises: You are THAT

A hunger pang: You are THAT

The phone rings: You are THAT

Stress and worry: You are THAT

The plant in the corner: You are THAT

The lady down the hall: You are THAT

You cannot get away from YOU, you cannot find YOU. YOU are the getting away and the finding. YOU are everywhere you turn. YOU are everything - seeing feeling thinking being

You can stop now. You can rest. There is nothing to do. You don't even have to "be." Even that is done for you.

I've told you to stop, but you can't. There is nothing you can do to stop or not. And yet, this is the message, here, now. Let it go. It's okay to collapse in frustration. That is also YOU!

And when it is seen that there is nowhere and nothing that is not This....

there will be no words

In the meantime (of no time): hands up! you've been caught, seen, captured by your own sweet Self. Don't fight it, "you" are no match for YOU!

Stormy Weather

I was once told by Jean-Pierre Gomez to go ahead and let it rain. I was very upset at the time about a relationship situation and felt so contracted, confused and a bit lost in all that was happening, coinciding with this seeming "realization." He basically said that emotions are energy-in-motion, and like rainstorms, they seem to temporarily block the sun, or, in other words, our true nature.

Well, it was pretty rainy here today, and I'm not talking about the local weather!

And interestingly, it seemed that a familiar "mind-energy" tried (in vain) to explain what was happening by following some old tracks of thinking.....thoughts that had long been seen as false but hey, have you noticed that sometimes they show up again?? Maybe it's sheer convenience!

And yet.....and yet.....very clearly this is just a story - here - what has just been written. What was felt here could be described as sadness, tenderness, gratitude and love all wrapped up in one. As amazing and ordinary as any other happening in the Oneness. And even what is called resistance made a brief appearance...and that is welcome, too. It's all Good, it's all God, it's all One....Being. Why attempt to fight what you ARE? Not possible.

Then a thought came up that said that "I" let it have its way with me....surrendered, let go into the feelings.... but that is just not true.

IT had its way, as IT always has, always does.....with or without thoughts that say "I'm crying and I'm not sure why," or "This must be about x, y, or z," or "I'm a person who is sad about something."

No. Those thoughts are just like the drops of water on these cheeks. They say nothing about what I am, what is happening. There simply is no need for a story at all, to be what I AM. And since the appearance is ever-changing, thoughts disappear again..... and all that is left are tears, warmth in the chest, various sensations...in short, ALIVENESS - simply That.

Crying happens like rain happens, and it is beautiful.

And wet ;-)


Are You Enlightened?

The answer is yes.

Well, it would be closer to say that you are enlightenment itself. There is only Enlightenment, and you are THAT.

Too bad that the word enlightenment is so loaded. Yes, it's just a concept....we know that words do not correctly describe This. But that word could just as well be used to point to the truth, if it weren't for the negative (or too positive??) connotations that have been added to the concept.

The point is that enlightenment is This, here. It's your runny nose, the tick of the clock, the amazing orgasm and the standing in line, tired and hungry. There is only This....and it's nothing special at all. YOU are nothing special at all, because there is only YOU and nothing to compare YOU with!

That's why liberation, enlightenment, awakening, etc. are so ordinary - it's all just little 'ole YOU, being what you are. Never mind that it's also been described as peace, love, unconditional acceptance....hey, stuff happens!

The thing is, you're everything. Even concepts and labels are what YOU are....and that can include "enlightenment," why not?
The reason we get so bent out of shape about this word is because we think it means something. It doesn't.

There is no separate person to put any meaning whatsoever to these words. And yet, meanings, beliefs, etc., seem to appear - that's YOU, too!

If the idea of a separate person is YOU....and the idea of a separate man/woman person is YOU....and the idea of a separate man/woman searching person is YOU....then even the idea of a separate man/woman enlightened/unenlightened person is YOU.

They are all appearances.... concepts, ideas.....vibrations of Beingness.

No big deal, right?


You're Not Missing Anything

Stuck in traffic? Late for your appointment? You're not missing anything.

No dates? Sitting home alone on Saturday night? Oh well, you're not missing anything.

Made a bad decision, which caused you to lose a great opportunity? Nope, you're not missing anything!

Busy at work? Too much business and not enough play? Not missing a thing.

This is it, my friends. There is nowhere to go. You are exactly where you are, aren't you? And in my world, that means that that is exactly where you are meant to be. Why? Because it's where you are! You haven't missed a thing.

You can't miss what you already ARE. And whatever you are looking for is what you are. No doubt about it, everywhere you turn, there you are, so how could you miss something important? You think this "missed thing" is going to make a difference to what you are? Not possible. This "missed thing" is YOU!

There is nothing that you need or want that is not already what you are. Therefore, no mistakes, no missed opportunities, no "could haves or should haves" make any difference at all to what you are.

This moment is as it is, and thinking that it shouldn't be is just another vibration of the Isness....it doesn't change anything.

And you can't miss what you are. Just try!

Nothing Moves

Watching things happen....seemingly with full participation, in a body, with a mind, etc.....I look at the clock and according to it, 4 hours have gone by....

...and yet, nothing has happened at all. There appears to be movement, happenings, changes.

...and yet, it's still now. One long, unbroken stream of

N~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ W

stretching out into infinity and moving nowhere. And those "events" are just witnessed, enjoyed (or not), experienced....and that's it. A whole day goes by and nothing has happened but some appearances, some vibrations of energy. Beautiful, to be sure! But changing what is, not at all. It's still now.

There is something which never moves, is always here, present, simply being, without change. Alive and awake, and also resting, at peace. Nothing and everything.

There is no way to find it. It is the way, the search, and the finding.



breathe in breathe out

"I don't know what to do."

breathe in breathe out

"I have to make a decision."

breathe in breathe out

"Things are okay now, but I will need to do/be/know something else in the future."

breathe in breathe out

"I have to figure this out, but I don't know how."

breathe in breathe out

"What am I going to do!!??!!"

breathe in
breathe out

What just happened?

Love did.


I'd tell you to jump if I could - but you are already the jumping !!

We look, we inquire, we see.....but there is only looking, inquiring and seeing. By no one. It's believed that looking for the "person" (and not finding it) will help it go away, and it may happen like that, but there is no one to choose to look.

Looking for the seeming person (who am I?) happens, and then sometimes thought comes in and labels that happening as something "I" did, which then leads to something like "liberation." When, in fact, nothing leads to liberation or awakening, it simply happens. It simply IS.

That is why the "person" cannot choose to look deeply into the fallacy of the separate entity - either they will or they won't. And it's noticed that many do seem to! But it's not the person doing it. It's not the person who sees that there is no one....It's Oneness.....seeing. The separate person is not there. Thoughts may weave into an interesting story about how when the "person" looked, afterward "X" happened; therefore "X" was caused by looking.

But no person looked. "X" simply happened. Looking simply happened. And thoughts stringing the two together simply happened.

There is nothing wrong with this......in fact, it's divine!

Nothing to do, nowhere to go. And these words here - simply happening...and maybe reading simply happening, too. All leading now-here....

This is total frustration and desperation for the mind, for the seeming separate doer! This is the total collapse of the "self" we've always believed ourselves to be. This is free-fall into......what? No guarantees of anything....oh my....this is complete


.......aliveness without a net!

inspired by Tony Parsons ;-)


What Would It Be Like?

What would life be like if we knew that no thought was true?

No matter what thought appears, it does not accurately describe you or anything else. Thoughts like tree, sky, other, cookie, nation, war, wombat, fire....."he doesn't love me," "they are bad," "she is special," "we need to do x, y, and z to become enlightened,".....the list goes on and on and on and on....and it all means nada. Simple labels. No real meaning at all.

"Sure," you might say, "but the cookie tastes delicious"....and I'd say, "finger-lickin'!!" And it's just the Oneness experiencing the Oneness...yummy chocolate chippy Isness!!! Which seems far more real than the concept "cookie."

What if thoughts that floated in were simply not believed? Just seen, noticed? What if whatever was happening, there was just a registering, an experiencing of what is, without any belief that "we" knew the reason, the meaning behind what happens?

Who knows? We might notice a vibration of Oneness.....maybe a spilling forth of Isness....if we didn't believe anything, there might just be a


churning, bursting, outpouring of Self.....flowering into a kaleidescope of forms!

Life might seem to be lived here, now, spontaneously....without any need for an explanation.


Not Quite It

Often, after writing about non-duality, there arises a thought, "fraud!" (thank you, mind) because the words seem to contradict what is wanting to be expressed. They seem to fly in the face of truth! It's an issue that won't go away, I'm afraid, because words themselves are dualistic. The best we can do is use them in various ways - string them together to create an atmosphere, an ambience, a pointing toward.....the oneness.

What an interesting conundrum! And I so enjoy how others have strung together the words so that they beautifully illustrate something so elusive to the mind (or how about impossible?) and yet so undeniably present.

So, I could go through just these three paragraphs and point out where what is written is a contradiction, a paradox, or just plain wrong about this message of oneness, but there is no need. The words are just signposts...unique appearances in the beingness, dancing on the page, inviting us to come closer....(come play!!)

and closer still.....

and closer still....

until they dissolve into this presence, this love, this One. In that now-moment, they will have well served their purpose.


I Am Not An Idea

I am not an idea....I am the All....I am everything and I am nothing....

and I am not these words, either. I am the unknowable, the mystery, the oneness which cannot be known by a "someone."

This separate person is an idea.....an imaginary form made out of Isness..

so beautiful

so perfect

And what is meant by perfect is not good, bad, better or worse - what is meant by perfect is WHAT IS. What is, is perfect.....because it IS. Reality is perfection. It is what it is and it can't be any other way. Who would want it to be different?

This is It. Vibrating beingness. Nothing else.

The world of appearance could just as well be called an explosion of love.....we can call it anything, IT doesn't mind! IT is unconditional love and SEES the dream, the labeling, the thoughts spinning....and LOVES it all.

because It is Love.....not loving Itself, as that makes It into an "object" to be loved....just Love....just Love-ing....just THIS.....just.....

( silence )

That is the I AM.


Everywhere is Home

YOU are the Oneness. YOU are pure Being.

The person that you think you are is just what YOU look like. Without YOU, that seeming character could not even appear.

Every "other" person you see is also YOU.

Everywhere you turn, there YOU are.

Such sweetness...

Everywhere is Home.

That was then....

I get a kick out of those times when I seem to be "out of presence." A ridiculous notion, to be sure, but the mind does seem to get itself in a twist about it, doesn't it? Very recently, in the story I was worrying about life stuff, and it didn't feel good at all. Anxiety about decisions that will have to be made....decisions that "I" feel ill equipped to make, which makes the stress worse, etc. and on the story goes.....

This is what happens. The thing is...... now..... where is all that anxiety? Where's the stress, the decisions that have to be made, the tension, the worry the constricted feeling in the pit of my stomach? Where is all that? (was there really a constriction in the pit of my stomach, or just a general malaise? who can say? how can I know without building another story about "then?")

Seeing is now, and only now. What I've written above are words, thoughts, memories. How could I possibly say that I was "out of presence," taken for a ride in thought, imagination? I can't say it because NOW I am.....here. And all that never happened. Faint memories. No substance, no reality. One might say, some movements of energy, without meaning, just isness.

What is real, is THIS, right here, right now. The rest is a dream. Seems like it happened, but how can I know? Nothing is real except what is here, now. And what is here, now, is this seeing, being, knowing, peace. Where's the anxiety? I can't find it.

There is no anxiety about the future now, because the future does not exist. How can it? It is only ever, forever, now. What a relief! All these "times" when we swear that we were "elsewhere," we "lost it," we "wandered out of presence".....how can it be? What's happening NOW? Are we here?

What was, "then," is a dream...it has no reality. How liberating! It means that THIS can never be other than what is, always.....no matter what stories and dreams are created and seemingly believed. This just makes me smile - there simply is no way that I can verify that "I" was ever "out" of presence-awareness and "into" a story! Because in the now-ness where it is seen, there is no such thing, there is only a memory of a "time" when there were feelings and thoughts present....all gone in the light of what is, a puff of smoke, if you will...... Returning (from where? and who/what returns?) to this moment, this here, this now - what can possibly be said about "then" that has any validity at all?

Welcome to the rock-solid security and the unpredictable free-fall of YOU. ;-))


Say Yes

Say yes to this moment.....just for now, right here, whatever is happening.....say yes

see what happens

Thoughts float in....let them be....say yes, allow what is, without holding on to anything. See them as little birds, singing their songs, in the clear blue sky of you... and let them be....

Let whatever is happening right now, be. Just for this now-moment, say yes to whatever is.

Is there confusion? Pain? Sadness? Boredom? Say yes. Just for now. Just right here.

see what happens

In this moment, in this yes to what is, is entire existence. Be the space where ALL is allowed, ALL is accepted, welcomed, loved unconditionally. Be THAT. For now.

see what happens



Words, concepts, understanding, descriptions, illusions, revelations, appearances, lies, confusion, epiphanies, awakenings, mumbo-jumbo, gobbledy-gook, yada yada.....

What is IT?

There is absolutely nothing to say about THIS! Nothing can describe It. The only way to know it is to BE the totality and experience that, be that.

All the rest is giving it our best shot.

On Relationship

When we believe thoughts about "the other," we effectively destroy intimacy. How can we be "one" with someone through the screen of thoughts, which are attempting to divide, separate, and label? These thoughts, which simply arise in awareness, do not accurately describe anything! Yet, when they are believed by a "someone," a whole new world can be created, a world where "I" and "you" are separate and different. This simple dream can cause so much suffering.

Thankfully, there is no such thing as relationship. There is only one. Only you.

What I've noticed is that when past and future are seen as non-existent, as just a jumble of thoughts, memories, projections without substance.....the only thing left is presence, here-ness....and in this here-ness, it's noticed that love is.

It's not possible to love someone. One IS love. As we rest in that, true intimacy happens....and two people disappear... replaced by this all encompassing, unconditional, indescribable acceptance of what is.....

This intimacy relies on nothing and no one. It happens when you and the beloved are one. Not one with each other, not a merging, into another separate "entity." No. When you and the beloved are THE one.

No lover, no beloved. Only loving. That is intimacy.



One. One. One. One. or This. or The One. or even God. There is only One, this....oneness, if you will. And everything but everything is it. Every person, every thought, every dog, every feeling, every microbe, every blade of grass or blade of knife, is It. One. The oneness.

There is no one else but you. There is only you, one, this. Whatever is being, here, reading, perceiving, or even doubting, is ONE. The next door neighbor is One. The fence between us is One. Everything we see is It, too.

There is no way around this, no escaping the oneness. Drop every concept of "something else," because there is no such thing. There is only One.

Oneness, beingness....these labels are also It. And yet they do not accurately describe It. Ultimately, no words can.

Perhaps we can get close......and getting close is also It.

When the mind sees that wherever it goes, there is only One....it can realize that it, too, is only This. Nowhere to go! No escaping, no thinking, no dreaming, can change Truth.....all of a sudden, it gets mighty quiet in the gray matter! Where can it go?

Everywhere, anywhere, is the One, too. That leaves just this, right here. As Sailor Bob says,

"Full Stop."


Sweet, sweet life. This moment, where there is only peace, only presence.....nothing else. The past is gone, is only a memory, which is a thought, which appears and disappears, as all things in the appearance do.... The future is also a thought, images, imaginings....such beautiful things sometimes! But as unreal as a fairy tale...and that leaves this, here, now. You can't even call it now, because it becomes another now as soon as the you think the thought! So, is there one now at all? Or is it constant movement? And if so, what is moving?

Feels like a vibration of beingness!

There is no problem right here, right now. There are no words for what this is....but to me it feels like beauty, peace, joy, celebration, aliveness, delight, love. And for no reason at all. Simply.... being, can be so ecstatic!!



The past doesn't exist, literally. Where is it? Can someone show it to me? Whatever happened then, is being believed, thought about, imaged, now. It can only be now, it only ever is, now. Anything that is imagined is being imagined now. Nothing happened in the past and nothing will happen in the future. Whatever happens, it happens now. There is no other time, there can't be.

Not Knowing

Knowing nothing is true grace...as soon as "I" know something, there is limitation, contraction and the absence of truth. There is always something deeper than what I think I know....How could I possibly know anything beyond this presence, here, in this moment...which has, incidentally, already passed into the next even as it is being registered? I can't know what is about to be. The next millisecond could look like anything, literally. Why would I want to try to know it, predict it? Limit it? (as if I could!!)

Teflon Dawn

Sitting quietly, listening to music....who's sitting? Who's listening? I was trying to "catch" some thoughts and hold on, start a story while sitting here....Can't do it. Nothing sticks! A thought came in about suffering being caused by a person believing thoughts, but who is believing the thoughts? Could it be that there appears to be "believing," but by no one? Is there anyone home in here? No. It's a beautiful appearance, a grand illusion, like being the star of your own movie! Except you don't know your lines or what's going to happen next.... the words just come out of a mouth, movement happens, and no one is doing any of it.

This is so crazy! And amazing.... how can it be this way? What the bleep is going on here? Well, no answers come....nope, no answers here. All that is happening is a big smile on this face, maybe the eyes are even twinkling - who knows? Smiling, twinkling, space, space, space....nothing is happening but being, seeing, dare I say delighting?


What's Happened Since....

Well, in reality, nothing, because there is no time. But there seems to be an evolution, in the story, doesn't there? Here, there is a feeling of relief. The relief of not having to be someone, to be special...I can relax now. No more striving to be better, more. It doesn't mean this seeming person "Mary" won't change, evolve, do all kinds of things. Life continues to appear, nothing changes there. The only difference is that it is known that the character is not doing anything. No credit, no blame. You could say that the character is being "done." Moved, used in service to the One...to Life. With this comes a relaxation, life seems to flow effortlessly....and problems and pain and love and miracles still happen...and life is. It's really as simple as that. This not-knowing is so beautiful, strange and exciting.

October 6, 2006

Ecstasy is no past and no future.

July 16, 2006

A deep joy is present when there is no story of “me.” As I wake up from a night of dreaming, before the story starts, the “I,” there is a peace and innocent, wondrous joy present…a leap into the moment, into a new day! As soon as the identity of a person comes to the forefront, the joy seems to recede, in favor of thoughts, patterns, feelings that float in (notably a feeling of separation)….I’ve noticed that even if the “story” is completely normal and not at all “negative,” there is still a kind of heaviness, very subtle, but there nonetheless, that seems to appear, like putting on a coat that doesn’t quite fit. Uncomfortable. Then, in an instant, all is light and peace again. It is seen that “I” do not exist - what joy and comfort that brings!!!

June 4, 2006

Now I understand the “fear of intimacy.” True love/intimacy is the death of the individual, the “I,” the ego, the person! The definitive disappearance of the so-called “me“ and “you.” That is why people can seemingly be afraid of love, as crazy as that sounds….because somehow they know that if they “surrender” to it, they will die…. the individual self, that is. They know that true love is all encompassing, universal, and not reserved for an “object” or one special person. This can be frightening to a separate individual. It means that everyone is included! And what does that mean for the “people” involved in a love affair, for example? Ironically, on the level of form, I suspect that nothing much changes after this realization. There will still be conditioning and preferences (seemingly) for the individuals involved….but the knowingness has none.

Only a separate person can be afraid of love!

Therefore, it’s not possible, and we ARE love, and can never be separated from it. It is what we seek, always and in all ways….and yet, we know that if we “find,” it will mean our death as an individual, swallowed up in the sea of love, of consciousness, of oneness….so the seeming person keeps “not finding,” resisting, fighting it, and the game of searching goes on….

And then Truth is seen…..Love is…..and the search ends.

Only a separate person can search!

When the individual disappears, what was always there, is seen, and the search is over. Such sweetness, either way!

May 25, 2006

What I want is what is happening now. Liking it or not has nothing to do with it. What is, is what is, and I don’t need to know the reason why it is appearing in front of me. I know it’s what is meant to be, because it is right there, being what is! What freedom comes with that understanding.

Things don’t go the way I want them to - great! Something better is supposed to happen. I may not understand it, may not think it’s better, but it will be. Because it IS. Whatever IS, is perfect. There in only a problem in what seems to be, not what really is.

The bottom line is that all of THIS is that oneness, beingness, presence-awareness, and there only seems to be “other, separate” things, but there aren’t.

Life is. How beautiful is that? What else could one possibly want?

May 21, 2006

Things happen. The mind, or thought, slaps a label on it. Interprets what happens, maybe even gives it meaning. A story may start, the stringing together of several thoughts, until a whirlwind of “reality” is “created.” People say we create our reality with thought, but I would say that reality is…..and then thought attempts to translate, explain, own, or label what is.

All that time we thought that we were in charge, that we were “creating” our circumstances. But it was just what was happening! Then, looking at it through our particular lens of conditioning, habits, and patterns, stories were created to define, or explain what was happening. But none of it was true. What happens is just what happens. And our “story” of it makes it feel good or bad, right or wrong for the “me” that we think we are.

What if the thoughts that come up about life, happenings, people, etc,. were just allowed to pass through, without holding on, resisting, or rejecting? What if “what is” in the moment was just registered….allowed to be? What if we did not believe the thoughts that try to translate what is happening right now? What would happen to reality, to “us?” Would the whole shebang just dissolve into nothingness?

Now I understand why B.K. says that “reality is always kinder than our thoughts about it.” Without an investment in the “translation,” what is, is simply experienced, registered, so to speak. It’s the story about it that causes problems….or not….but I see that what thought has labeled as meaning this or that is completely wrong! It’s just a label, it has no reality whatsoever. It is not what is happening, it’s a definition of what is happening, based on what is known from the past, from what was learned, heard, memorized, etc….a dead image of no substance at all! Reality IS kinder than our labels, and I don’t know how I know that.